When are you gonna be back in Portland?
It's hard to say. As those of you who know me realize, I pretty much follow the work. I'm sort of a migrant tech consultant. I find that if you don't make a point of chasing down opportunities whereever and whenever they emerge, you're not gonna get very far. Back to the question: I may be back in Portland as early as late May.

Are you still in Malaysia?
Nope, I haven't been since October of 2002.

How can I contact you?
Most everybody I knows that the best way to contact me is by email. My email address is if you don't have it (or any others).

Are you still using the email address I have (it's different than the one listed above)?
Yes, I am sill using all email addresses I have given out, yahoo and hotmail both.

What is the time difference in Malaysia?
Currently Malaysia is 13 hours ahead of the East Coast and 16 ahead of the West Coast of the States. While the U.S. does the whole daylight savings time thing, the time in Malaysia remains constant. So during the winter months, it's actually 12 and 15 hours ahead, respectively.

To make it easy:
West Coast 8am = KL 12pm
West Coast Noon = KL 4am
West Coast 5pm = KL 9am
West Coast 10pm = KL 2pm

What's your favorite computer game?
Right now I can't seem to get over my addiction to Age of Mythology. For all the time I waste on it I'm not all that good at it. I really want to get myself into Once Upon a Knight, or Warcraft III, but AOM keeps pulling me back.

Where are you going for the 2004 holiday season?
I'm thinking about going to Ireland and the UK for this coming holiday season. There is the outside chance that I may be going to India at some point before that, but that really depends on a lot of things: contracts, money, etc.

Are you planning on regularly updating this site?
Whoa-ho-ho there, buddy, just because I update this site once doesn't mean I'm promising to make this a regular thing. But if work slows down a bit, this may be a more regular thing. We'll see.

Are monkeys cool?
Yes they are.

How cool?
Very, very cool.

Are you ever gonna put up any useful or interesting questions?
Yep. Just a soon as I think of any.