Welcome to Brian Hewitt.com!
Ok, it's been about 2 years since I initially put up this website. So I figure it's just about time to update it. Yep, in about 2, maybe 3 months, I'm gonna get right on it. Promise. I wouldn't lie to you, because you're my favorite anonymous web surfer that I may never have met before. And that means a lot to me. Really. Anyways, here's my site. Sit back, relax, grab a cold frosty one and get ready for the best page and a half of content on the internet.

Who This Website is Intended For
This website is intended for the use of friends and colleagues of who are interested in what owner of this site is up to. I can also be used by employers that are interested gathering professional information and sharing employment opporunties with Brian Hewitt.

Recruiters interested in contacting me with job information, or are interested in having a look at my resume, browse over to section, or have a look at my .

How To Use This Site
: You are here. This page is serves as an introduction to Brian Hewitt.com and is where you can find a summary of what's new and various other tidbits.
: Expands upon what's new and reports news that is relevant to Brian Hewitt.com.
: Contains write ups on things of iterest to Brian Hewitt.com and links to relevant sites.
: Contains profession information about Brian Hewitt (basically an online resume).
: (Infrequently Asked Questions) The questions that could be asked of Brian Hewitt.com, if anybody actually asked serious questions.
: *NEW* Brian's repository of technical information, solutions to tough problems, and miscellaneous lessons learned in the course of his career.

What To Do With Questions
You can shove 'em right up your... Well, that'd be unpleasant wouldn't it? If you prefer, you can alternately email them to . And please don't send me worthless adds about having my own website, what the heck do you think this is?

this site.

What's New?
So a lot has happened since I got off my back side (figuratively speaking) and updated my website. Unfortunately I'm no longer living it up in South East Asia, but nothing good lasts forever, eh? The company I was working for that had me traveling all around the globe decide to bring me back to the States so I could get in line for the chopping block. So I axed myself. That's right, I quit, at a time when decent paying gigs are not guarenteed, and got back into contracting. And so far I'm doing great. Wish me luck though, with contracting there are no guarentees. To read about more rumors that are going around, or that I'm starting, have a look at the section.

Something that is new is this website. More or less every single page is new and exciting, and you should definitely budget a few hours to browse each and every page. At least twice, so as not to miss a single gem.

Picture of the... Arbitrary Time Period
A Nutty Warning In celebration of the second anniversary of my not working on this website, I have decided that the 2nd POTATP shall be "A Nutty Warning." The great thing about traveling is that you have new exciting experiences, and face new dangers... Beware.

Brian Hewitt is a soon to be out-of-work Internet Development Engineer that likes to give himself silly names like "President", "Internet Development Engineer", and "Danger Installation Monkey." If encountered in the wild, it's best to back away slowly avoiding eye contact.

While not known to be particularly dangerous, poisonous or contageous, Brian Hewitts, as a species, are frequently annoying and sarcastic to the point of causing dementia. Very young, elderly, or anyone engaged in project management activities are particularly vulnerable. Brian Hewitts in the wild tend to spend most of their time soft-walled caves with little or no natural lighting or air flow, making them fairly easy for the average person to avoid completely.