Brian updates pointless website after 2 years
After a little over two years of wasting all of his time playing computer games and occasionally writing code, in the late hours of Wednesday, March the 26th, Brian Hewitt was seen wasting his time updating his personal website. It is estimated that nearly one person and 2 email address harvesting robot a month visit the site dedicated to his personal affairs and shameless self promotion.

Brian could not be immediately reached for comment. An unnamed source close to Brian indicated he wasn't returning calls because he was in the middle of playing Age of Mythology.

Brian Is Back
It turns out that the rumors you may have heard about Brian being back in the United States are grounded in fact. With the exception of a holiday visit to Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia, Brian has been back and working in various locations in the United States. Recent Brian sitings include New York City, Buffalo, Atlanta, San Francisco, Clearwater Beach and Savannah.

Is It Vacation Time Already?
As the time passes and the end of my current contract draws nearer, the indications seem to be that no, no I really won't be getting another contract extension. The funny thing is that the floodgates of project work are about to break, and the customer's management is more concerned with reducing expenses. From some level this sort of a situation makes perfect sense. In fact, I believe the goal is to err on the side of way too much work for your employees to do, rather than having enough staff to get things done reasonable. How do I know this? It's because that's the way I do my contracting- more work than I can possibly do. So far I still haven't been able to reach that goal. But I digress.

Back to the point, it looks like Brian may get to take a little forced vacation time. I say heck, why not, it's been a whole 8 weeks since I got back from my vacation holiday in South East Asia. A guy gets burned out. Now I just have to find out for sure when I'm actually done with my contract. The customer says one thing, the contracting firms says another. And they're not talking to each other. So for now, I'll just keep showing up until they tell me to leave.
Khmer Temple

Brian Marvels at Old Broken Stuff
Over the 2003 holiday season I went back to South East Asia for a visit after being away for a little over a year. As much as I wanted to visit the old stomping ground again, I also really wanted to go someplace new. So I did both. I've been to Thailand, I've been to Malaysia, but I've never been to Cambodia.

So I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia for 4 or 5 days. Where? It's the city near the temples of Ankor Wat, the most famous attraction in Cambodia. The Tomb Raider movie just doesn't do the place justice. It's huge! And it's not just one temple, as many people might believe, it's dozens of temples spread over miles and miles of land. And the really cool thing is that you can ride an element to one of the major temples! (Ok, so afterward you feel a bit guilty because I'm pretty sure the elephants don't get the best treatment.)