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  Home Address
Brian Hewitt
735 S.W. St. Clair Apt 1108
Portland, OR 97205
United States
  Work Address
Brian Hewitt
26034 Gardner Drive
Altanta, GA 30004
United States

6 Year Software Engineer: VB, ASP, .NET, C#, SQL, ORACLE, XML, XSLT

  OBJECTIVE   To obtain a challenging position with opportunity for personal and professional growth.  
  TARGET JOB   Desired Job Type: Employee, Temporary/Contract/Project
Desired Status: Contract (preferred) or Full-Time
Site Location: No Preference
Description of my perfect job: A friendly team oriented atmosphere. The opportunity to travel. The opportunity to take a leadership role. To be involved with the entire life cycle of a new project. To be involved with an internet development.
Career Level: Mid Career (5+ years of experience)
Date of Availability: April 26, 2004.
  TARGET COMPANY   Company Size: No Preference
Category: Internet/E-Commerce, E-Finance
  TARGET LOCATIONS   Relocate: Yes
City/Country: No Preference: Will happily work anywhere in the world.
7/2003 - Present Elevera Technology, Inc. Portland, OR; Atlanta, GA
President/Senior Consultant
Implemented a new Corillian Voyager-based retail online banking system for NetBank, and made enhancements to their existing small business system. Developed a separate user interface to facilitate online banking on mobile web-enabled devices. Also created tools for internal processing, systems management and work flow. Tasks include authoring and modifying ASP and ASP.NET Pages, XML templates, XSLT stylesheets, writing Visual Basic and C# components to manage interations between Voyager software and bank host systems and participating in code reviews.
10/2002 - 7/2003 Corillian Corporation Hillboro, OR; Buffalo, NY; Atlanta, GA
Senior Consultant
Developed and enhanced internet personal and small business banking solutions for Commercial Federal Bank, Commerce Bank, M & T Bank, and NetBank, and implemented proof of concept Voyager integration with prospective customer's wealth management system. Tasks include authoring and modifying HTML, ASP and ASP.NET Pages, XML templates, XSLT stylesheets, writing Visual Basic and C# components to manage interations between Voyager software and bank host systems.
3/2001 - 10/2002 Corillian South Asia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Senior Consultant
Developed and enhanced internet banking solutions for RHB Bank and Bangkok Bank Ltd., providing their users ability to pay bills, transfer funds, and view balances of their accounts online. Duties for both implementations included providing technical leadership, authoring and modifying HTML/JavaScript, XML and ASP Pages, writing Visual Basic scripts and components to manage interations between Voyager software and bank host systems, and establishing development standards and providing production support.
12/2000 - 3/2001 Corillian International London, England
Internationalized existing company "Voyager" and "Control Center" demo systems for marketing use internationally. Developed first version of example web scraping application for international marketing use. Tasks included authoring and modifying HTML/JavaScript and ASP pages and developing web scraping application using Visual Basic 6.
4/2000 - 12/2000 RHI Consulting/CGU North Pacific Insurance Beaverton, Oregon
Internet Development Consultant
Authored web pages for an intranet application in ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, and DHTML. Also created ActiveX components (supporting COM for use in MTS) to add functionality to pages, such as data retrieval from SQL Database, and document retrieval from FileNET document imaging system.
2/2000 - 4/2000 SAIC Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Software Engineer
Contracted to a brief project for Handspring eCommerce site. Authored Utilities in Visual Basic 6 and VBScript for use online and for behind the scenes processing, involving Oracle 8 database.
6/1998 - 4/2000 SAIC Salem, Oregon
Software Engineer
Worked as a member of software design team on the Oregon Department of Correction's (ODOC) Institution Staff Deployment System (ISDS). The design phase of the ISDS project had the objective of designing a completely new staff deployment system in a client/server environment using an N-Tier approach. Design tasks for this project included interacting with the customer to document requirements with UML Use Cases, create the definitive GUI design, database sizing, object modeling, risk analysis, and preliminary method definition. I was part of the development team that implemented the system using Visual Basic and ActiveX technology to access an ORACLE database. I also designed and implemented reports for ISDS using Seagate Software's Crystal Reports 7.
  EDUCATION   Degree: Bachelor
Majors: Computer Science, English
College: Linfield College
Location: McMinnville, Oregon, United States
Internet Development
HTML/DHTML              Expert
ASP Expert
ASP.NET Intermediate
JavaScript Expert
VBScript Expert
XML Expert
XSLT Expert
PERL Intermediate
IIS Intermediate
Java Beginner
General Programming
Visual Basic 6 Expert
C# Intermediate
ActiveX/COM Expert
C++ Intermediate
Database Related
SQL Expert
PL/SQL Intermediate
SQL Server 2000 Intermediate
ORACLE Intermediate
Applications, Tools, and Middleware
Corillian Voyager Expert
Visual Studio/VS.NET Expert
Visual Source Safe Expert
PVCS Intermediate
Crystal Reports Intermediate
Adobe Photoshop Intermediate
  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION   I naturally gravitate towards leadership in all that I do, I work well with others, and I have excellent written and verbal communication skills.